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Kevin Conti
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Nov 25, 2020 2 min read

Full Time for a Day

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This week, my brothers and parents are coming into town to (responsibly during COVID) celebrate Thanksgiving. Since I normally work mornings, nights, and sometimes weekends on Software Ideas, this means I had to re-organize my schedule to make sure I got everything done. As such, I’ve taken off of work today and working fully on Software Ideas.

I’ve been really looking forward to today. It’s an opportunity to have a sneak peak into what the future may look like for me. Working two jobs has definitely been tough, and the burnout has been slowly creeping in. Today will be an experiment to see:

  • How much more productive am I?
  • How much more relaxed am I?
  • Can I accomplish everything I hope I can when given a full day to dedicate to Software Ideas?

I’ll keep this updated as the day goes on!

9:49 AM

Today, I woke up naturally around 9 AM, much later than my usual 5-6 AM. I’m feeling rested and refreshed, I even had time to make myself breakfast, pick up some packages from the apartment’s delivery room, and have some coffee before diving into work!

I really enjoy having a leisurely start to the day, but it’s something I just can’t have when I need to get stuff done before my day-job begins at 9 AM. I’m already enjoying today immensely!

12:01 PM

I’ve spent the past two hours catching up on EVERYTHING. Twitter DMs, Indie Hackers posts, emails, you name it. I’ve finally caught up with everyone who’s reached out to me, which feels great!

Next up, to finish off this week’s issue of Software Ideas!