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Kevin Conti
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Mar 24, 2022 1 min read

Marketing Guides

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By far, the biggest challenge new founders face isn’t in building a product or service - it’s in learning marketing.

I’ve seen it constantly, both in my own businesses as well as those I’ve worked with at Software Ideas.

So I decided to turn everything I’ve learned into a set of marketing guides, with the goal of making the absolute best guides on the market.

And I wanted them to be free.

They are coming out slowly, but I’ll keep a list here as they are released:

#1: Community Marketing

Community Marketing is about engaging with communities to help sell your product. It’s probably the most popular marketing channel for bootstrappers, and it’s also the one that 90% of people get wrong.

There’s a reason I started with this one first, so please check it out if you are struggling to acquire customers from social media, forums, or other communities!